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10 Hacks for Earning Extra Cash Without Asking Your Boss for a Raise

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Doesn’t it always seem like, no matter how much you make, you could always use just a bit more cash? Whether you are looking to get in on the ground floor of an investment opportunity or your ride needs some serious repairs, it’s always good to have ways to earn a few bucks.

Hopefully, you can set the money aside for the proverbial rainy day, but even if you spend it right away on that cool new Galaxy phone, having the cash to cover your wants and needs beats the heck out of borrowing it.

Check out these 10 hacks to earn a little (or a lot of) cash without ever having to ask your boss for a raise.


1. Get Cash Back for Spending Money

Everyone spends money somewhere and thanks to a new app called Ibotta, if you are willing to share your receipts, you can earn a few bucks without doing anything more than scanning your receipts with your phone. Ibotta looks at the items you have bought and if they find a rebate, for example, you get the cash. Or the app might tell you that, the next time you buy milk, buy it from this store and scan the receipt and they will give you $1. It won’t save you money if you buy things you don’t need, but why not get money back on things you are going to buy anyway?

2. Lighten Up Your Closet

Ladies- how many of you have dresses or outfits that you wore once to an event and you never wore again? Gentleman- how many of you have brand new dress shirts hanging in the closet that still have the tags on them?

Don’t let clothes or shoes just sit in your closet. Yard sales won’t get anything more than pennies, which is why you should send them to a site called ThredUp. This company is an online thrift/consignment shop. Sell your stuff there and by the way, you can save serious bucks by buying your next outfit from the same company.

3. Work Online

Many people think that online jobs are scams and it’s true that some of them are, but sites such as Upwork and Fiverr are completely legit. Both sites offer all types of freelance work, but Fiverr is fun because you can list almost anything, and we mean anything. People have offered to be an “online girlfriend” for $5 a week, interpret your dreams, and draw silly cartoons for you. There is plenty of serious work as well, but this is a great way to have fun and earn money doing it.

4. Are You a People Person?

Believe it or not, you can earn money by being a friend to someone. When we say friend, we mean friend and nothing more folks! At Rent a Friend, you can offer your services to be someone’s date for the night, show them around your city, or be someone’s workout partner. You set the price per hour and offer what you are willing to do. Don’t forget that if someone wants you to attend a concert with them, they buy the ticket and you get paid to attend. Sweet

5. Be a Field Agent

This one is so much fun for those who love to be out and about. Field Agent pays you to perform small tasks for different clients. For example, they might ask you to take a picture of a window display from a certain store at the mall. Upload the pic and earn $5. Or you might be asked to take a picture of a video game costing less than $20 at Best Buy, which could earn you $9. This gig reminds us of a scavenger hunt only much more rewarding!

6. Write an eBook

OK, so you might not get rich this way, but if you are knowledgeable in any subject (breeding birds or starting WordPress sites) or if you have a short novel in your mind, you can write an eBook and earn some serious bucks. Non-fiction sells better than fiction, but topics like “Top 8 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Job” sell like hotcakes. List your book on Amazon (most books are $2-$7) and you get 70% of the sale. Advertise it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, and who knows? Some people claim that they made $2,000 in one week!

7. Be a Clickworker

OK, so it’s not the most exciting job in the world, but easy money for working from home is always a plus in our book. Most of these jobs are data entry, form filling, and other types of boring copy and paste jobs, but you get paid cash to your PayPal account every week. Clickworker is easy money for easy pay that you can do anywhere you can take your laptop and have an internet connection. Get paid while lying poolside sounds like a great gig to us!

8. Buy and Sell

If you are a fan of yard sales or thrift stores, this can both fun and earn you some serious bucks. Have you ever found some great looking, nearly new jeans at a yard sale for a buck or two, but they weren’t your size? No problem! Buy those puppies, then list them for sale on eBay for two or three times what you paid for them!

9. Sell More Stuff

You can sell your old books (textbooks are worth more than novels) on Amazon. Of course, Amazon takes a small percentage, but it beats letting those books pile up and collect dust. You can also sell your old CD’s, video games, and movies.

10. Rent Your Driveway

If you have a parking space, such as a driveway, that you don’t use, is available at certain times or has room for more than just your car, you can rent it out! Just Park allows you to register your space and the days/times that it’s available. People who are looking for a place to park use the app and pay to rent your space. This is terrific if you live near busy venues like stadiums or cities notorious for parking issues, like Los Angeles.

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